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  • Ayurved Health Benefits

This shell has great significance in Ayurved. If water is stored in the shell it gains amazing medicinal properties and with it several physical defects can be cured.

1.  Store some water overnight in this shell and the next morning rub the water on your skin. This cures all skin problems.

2.  Store water in the shell for 12 hours. Then rub it on white spots on the skin. Do this regularly. After some days the white spots shall disappear and healthy skin shall reappear.

3.  At night fill the shell with water and in the morning add some rose water to it. Then wash your hair with the mixture. This shall keep the hair black and healthy. The hair of the eyebrows and the beard too could be turned black thus.

4.  If you suffer from stomach related problems or if there is a wound in the intestines, then early in the morning drink a spoonful of water kept in the shell for 12 hours. This shall cure the problem.

5.  Mix water kept in the shell for 12 hours in ordinary water and early in the morning wash your eyes with it. Doing this regularly for some time shall cure all eye related problems. The eyes become perfectly healthy and one need not even wear spectacles in the future.

  • Financial Success

This shell is said to represent Goddess Lakshmi. Hence keeping this shell at home in one's place of worship helps one gain the blessing of the Goddess.

  • 1.  Early in the morning take some water in the shell and pour it into a bucket of water. Bathe with this water. This shall bring you good luck and fame.
  • 2.  Placing this shell at home or in one's shop or place of work is a sure way to remove all financial problems and become rich and prosperous. This shankh banishes poverty and boosts one's profits in business.
  • Beauty
  • 1.  If after a bath in the morning the shell is rubbed gently on the skin of one's face wrinkles slowly disappear and the face gains a new glow by regular use of this process.
  • 2.  Those who wish to remain ever beautiful and have a unique radiance reflecting from their features should surely try this process.
  • 3.  If the shell is rubbed gently on the whole body the body starts to appear healthy, handsome and radiant.
  • 4.  If you have dark circles under your eyes which are marring your facial beauty, rub the shell gently on those spots early in the morning. This is a sure way of making the spots disappear.
  • Some Powerful Sadhanas
  • Several Sadhanas can be performed on a Moti Shankh but in my view the most powerful Sadhanas of Moti Shankh relate to gain of wealth and hypnotism. Presented here are two most amazing rituals.