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Dr. Manoj kumar Lenka is a young and renowned astrologer and Geo Vastu of Odisha, having reputation of solving various lives' problems in a very simple and cost effective manner. Dr. Lenka has been awarded for his research in "Sankha Upachar..."
He strongly believes that every human born on this earth has the right to lead a happy life. He has acquired his knowledge through intense research and deep study of old hidden manuscripts.
His favourite line is "There is no problem which cannot be solved..." His mantra is "Sarve bhabantu sukhinah .....Sarve Santu Niramaya..."

  • Please find below his credentials...
  •  Gold Medalist
  •  Jyotisha Prabhakar Award
  •  Jyotisha Samrat Award
  •  Sanjevani Vyasa Awarded By Asian astro Congress 2014 & 15
  •  Dr. Of Geo Pathic
  •  Dr. Of Canch
  •  Specialist of Sankha Shastra
  •  Specialist of Marriage Compatibility
  •  Mangal Dosha
  •  Kalasarpa Dosha